Green Rx specializes in integrated lawn care services. With individual and tailored lawn care treatment programs, we create beautiful lawns by specifically addressing what your lawn needs most to produce a healthy, lush and beautiful turf.

Weed Control & Fertilization

Get a green and healthy lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood!

With our lawn care program, you will see the amazing difference regular lawn fertilization and weed control make in your lawn.

It has been custom formulated to deliver the proper balance of organic nutrients that your lawn needs throughout the growing season.

Pre-emergent weed control is applied before the waves of weeds begin to sprout. Weeds that do sprout will be sprayed before they go to seed and spread.

Residential Lawn Care

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Grub Control

Grubs can seriously damage your lawn!

Proper preventative methods can help alleviate the massive turf damage that these underground insects can cause.

We offer you preventative grub control measures that can be incorporated into our lawn fertilization schedule. Keep grubs out of your grass all summer long as well as the animals who will dig up your lawn feeding on them.

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Lawn Grub Damage

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

A lawn core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of grass and soil from the ground with a specialized machine.

These new air spaces in the lawn allow oxygen, fertilizers, and water to penetrate deeper into the root system, making it stronger and more resistant to weeds and diseases.

Aeration also helps cure heavily compacted soil, which prevents circulation of air, water, and nutrients in your soil.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

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