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Enjoy the nice weather in your outdoor space — without the company of pesky mosquitoes! Members of our fertilizer and weed control program can purchase this effective and fast additional mosquito control service to eradicate these pests.

Enjoy the nice weather in your outdoor space — without the company of pesky mosquitos! For members of our fertilizer and weed control program, we offer an effective and fast spray solution to eradicate these pests.

Mosquito Control Program

Our mosquito control service is a program uniquely designed to be more effective than regular sprays, which rid the area of mosquitoes quickly.

From May to October, we come once a month and apply our removal spray. Using a backpack blower, we create a fine mist that treats mosquitoes on contact as they fly away. This is most effective, as it covers a wider range for maximum potency.

Types Of Mosquitoes We Control

Green Rx Inc. treats the wide variety of mosquitoes living in St. Charles and St. Louis, MO. Our local knowledge equips us to treat any type of mosquito, especially the most common ones: the Asian Tiger Mosquito and the house mosquito.

Types of mosquitoes we control

Why Choose Green Rx Inc.

Mosquito Control?

Green Rx Inc. is committed to making your outdoor space beautiful, and that includes keeping pests away so you can be comfortable enjoying your yard.

• Our service is guaranteed to remove mosquitoes and keep them away.

• Our experienced team makes sure that our mosquito removal applications are done promptly to prepare for their peak season.

• We use safe sprays that are effective yet gentle on people and pets.

Commercial Mosquito Control

At your commercial property, the last thing you want is mosquitoes pestering your guests and clients. Our commercial mosquito removal service is guaranteed to eradicate mosquitoes and keep them away, even during peak season. Our once-a-month spray routine is fast and easy and will leave your outdoor space fresh and inviting.

Commercial mosquito control service

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