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Protect your home or facility from moles that can turn your lawn into a disaster zone. Moles in your yard can create holes, dig tunnels under the ground, and push up on flower beds and hardscaping. 

Residential customers who’ve participated in our weed control and lawn fertilization program can take advantage of this additional essential lawn-saving service

Protect your lawn or facility from moles that can turn your landscape into a disaster zone.

Moles in your yard can create holes, dig tunnels under the ground, and push up on flower beds and hardscaping. For members of our fertilizer and weed control program, take advantage of this essential lawn-saving service.

Yard Mole Removal Program

In the spring and fall, we remove yard moles in two easy steps, through a process that is both effective and minimally invasive to you.

  • Because yard moles eat insects, we apply an insecticide to remove their food source and deter them from staying.
  • We use a deterrent that is gentle to grass but toxic enough to ensure yard moles cannot thrive in the environment.

Yard Mole Removal & Control

Living in Missouri, chances are, you’ve either seen a yard mole or seen grass devastated by yard moles. Because these critters burrow underground, they upheave soil, damage roots, and disturb plants. This makes the ground weaker, grass turn brown, and ruins the garden. Stop the damage before it starts with our yard mole removal service.

Yard Mole Removal and Control

Why Choose Green Rx Inc.

Yard Mole Removal?

Green Rx Inc. specializes in maintaining beautiful lawns, and yard mole removal ensures your grass is healthy and looking its best.

• Our service is guaranteed to remove pests and keep them away.

• Our friendly team makes sure that our yard mole removal applications are done in a timely manner to prepare for the best lawn seasons.

• We use safe pesticides to be effective yet gentle.

Commercial Yard Mole Removal

Pests big and small can ruin the look of your business and drive clientele away. We guarantee our yard mole removal services will prevent lasting damage to your lawn’s health. We’re gentle on grass but tough on pests. Add our yard mole removal service to your annual contract and prevent expensive destruction to your lawn year-round. 


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