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Lawn Care Services

We’ve kept our lawn care services local for the last six years because we understand the unique value lawn service companies provide when they are part of the community. Our team has a deep understanding of the plants, pests, and climates in St. Louis and Saint Charles, MO. Because of this, we can customize our services to the needs of each client. 

Whether you’re looking for your commercial lawn to be cleaned up and beautified or your residential lawn treated to flourish, Green Rx Inc. has a variety of services to suit your every need. We offer several treatment plans for both commercial and residential lawns.

Landscaping Maintenance


Landscaping Maintenance

Bring your landscape to life with Green Rx Inc. services! We offer various services for commercial and residential lawns, including mowing, mulching, hardscaping, and more. Contact us to find out how we can create a beautiful landscape for your home or business.



Regular lawn mowing does more than cutting your grass — it promotes growth, discourages pests, and adds a layer of aesthetic to your home or office. Subscribe to our weekly mowing service for scheduled mowing, trimming, and blowing.


Leaf Removal

Green Rx Inc. works year-round to help customers enjoy their lawn all season long. Snow thawing and leaves falling lead to messy spring and fall lawns. This one-time, thorough cleanup service leaves the lawn fresh and healthy.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

A hydrated lawn is a happy lawn! Green Rx Inc. creates healthy and happy lawns through irrigation services. Sign up for our program or just a one-time service for irrigation activation, sprinkler leak repair, backflow inspection, and winterization.


Snow Removal & Ice Melt

Snow Removal & Ice Melt

Lawns don’t take winters off, and neither does Green Rx Inc.! Snow and ice can freeze and damage your yard, so proper removal is important for a healthy lawn come spring. We offer seasonal contracts for salting, shoveling, and plowing.


Pest Control Programs


Pest Control Services

Green Rx Inc. protects your lawn from pests that can cause damage. If pests are in or around your home or commercial property, call in the professionals at Green Rx Inc. to remove them. Register for our pest control service to safely and effectively remove pests each season.


Mosquito Control

Take charge of your summer by uninviting mosquitoes from your parties and barbecues! Our weed control and lawn fertilization program members can purchase this additional service for regular mosquito maintenance. Our team will apply a treatment once per month during peak mosquito season to ensure a pest-free and safe environment.


Yard Mole Control

Maintain the health of your lawn by protecting against yard moles that can dig holes and destroy your lawn! Members of our weed control and lawn fertilization program can purchase this additional service.


Tree & Shrub Insect Control

Our goal at Green Rx Inc. is to create a green oasis for your home or business. Trees and shrubs can be vulnerable to insects, so preventative protection ensures they stay healthy and elegant. Join our program to get six rounds of preservative oil, insecticide, and fertilization to grow strong trees.

Lawn Care Services


Aeration & Seeding

Green Rx Inc. helps your lawn be its greenest and healthiest! To maintain a full lawn without patches, promote new growth, and protect against diseases, aeration and seeding is right for your grass. This one-time service, available during the fall and spring, will help create a thick and healthy lawn.


Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization Program

Weed damage? Green Rx Inc. to the rescue! When weeds sprout in the grass, removing them ensures no damage to the surrounding grass, and fertilizer helps it recover and grow stronger. We offer spot treatment for weeds and complete coverage for fertilizer, meaning less harmful chemicals and more growth-boosting nutrients.

Why Choose

Green Rx Inc. Services?

Green Rx Inc. specializes in lawn services to create, promote, and repair healthy lawns.

• We complete lawn treatment thoroughly and effectively for long-lasting results.

• To prepare for your best lawn season, we apply treatment during peak times.

• We use only quality and eco-friendly materials on your grass.


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