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Grub Worm
Prevention & Treatment

Green Rx Inc. applies preventative grub worm treatments in June and July as an annual service.

Green Rx applies our preventative grub worm treatment in June and July as an annual service.

Grub Worm Prevention & Treatment

Our application serves as round three or four in our weed control and lawn fertilization program for existing members. To sign up for our comprehensive weed control and lawn fertilization program, contact us today!

Green Rx Inc. also offers services for customers who are already experiencing damage from grub worms! This treatment stays in the grass and becomes activated with water, leaving no residue on your lawn.

Why Choose Green Rx Inc.

Grub Worm Control

Green Rx Inc. has been building a satisfied customer base since 2015 because of our customer-first approach and high-quality work.

• Our team provides superior customer service.

• Our company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

• Clear results and quality craftsmanship are behind everything we do.

Commercial Grub Worm Control Services

Welcome your clients, vendors, and partners to a pristine landscape with Green Rx Inc. lawn care and facility maintenance. Our grub control services keep grass green and healthy by preventing webworms from damaging your grass or treat existing grub worms in your landscape.


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