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Frequently Asked Questions

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Company Questions

What is included in your lawn maintenance service?

Our lawn maintenance services include regularly scheduled mowing of your lawn, trimming around beds, edges, and obstacles, and blowing off any debris from your property.

How long have you been in business?

Green Rx Inc has proudly served customers in the Saint Charles and St. Louis, Missouri area since 2011.

How often do you perform snow removal during a single snow event?

We perform snow removal before and after winter events when the temperature is or is threatening to be below freezing. Pre-salt before storm, post-salt, shovel and plow after storm. Some commercial contracts require a higher level of service with visits throughout the storms or constant service throughout storms, but these special cases are dictated by contract.

What services are included in commercial landscape maintenance?

Our commercial landscape maintenance services include Landscaping Maintenance, Mowing, Leaf Removal, Irrigation Services, Snow Removal & Ice Melt, Pest Control Services, Mosquito Control, Mole Removal, Tree & Shrub Insect Control, Aeration & Seeding, Weed Control & Fertilizer Program

General Questions

When and for how long should I water my lawn?

It's best to water your lawn prior to 10 a.m. in the morning. The goal is to have the water soak into the soil and be absorbed, rather than evaporating in hot or windy conditions. How long you should water your lawn largely depends on the type of soil, grass, and drainage of your yard. A good rule of thumb is to start with 30 minutes per zone, three times a week, and adjust as needed.

How often should my grass be cut?

A healthy lawn will typically need to be cut once per week during the growing season. Factors that may affect the frequency include, how fast your particular grass type grows, the desired height of your lawn, the climate, and soil conditions of your lawn.

How often should pest control be done in my home?

We recommend performing a quarterly, or every 2-3 months, pest control treatment in and around your home. By maintaining a regular pest control plan, you can often prevent pest problems before they begin.

When is the best time to mulch my flower beds?

Spring is the best time to apply mulch to your landscaping. Mulch serves several important purposes besides making your lawn look great. Mulch reduces weed growth, helps your soil to retain moisture, and protects and bare soil from erosion.

When is the best time to seed my lawn?

Timing is everything when seeding your grass. The best time to apply grass seed is in the late summer or early fall, when temperatures are more mild, weed growth has slowed, and your new grass seed will have plenty of time to grow before the summer heat begins to stress your lawn. While many believe that spring is the best time for new grass seed, the soil conditions are normally too wet for optimal growth.

How do I get rid of moles in my yard?

One of the main reasons that moles invade your yard is to search for food. So, a good first step is to eliminate a mole's food source by having a lawn treatment service performed that will eliminate grubs and other types of lawn insects. You will also want to avoid overwatering your lawn. Moles like soft, damp soil. If your soil isn't overly damp, and no food source is available on your lawn, Moles will most likely find a more suitable lawn for their needs.

How do mosquito treatments work?

Effective mosquito control begins with a detailed and thorough inspection. Once problem areas, or breeding areas, are identified, a mist treatment is applied to these areas which will eliminate the mosquitoes. Several treatments may be required to ensure that your yard is protected from spring until fall.

Does my yard need an irrigation system?

It's recommended that all lawns have an irrigation system to ensure that your grass gets all of the water needed for healthy growth. Rain is not guaranteed, but an irrigation system is. Another reason why having an irrigation system is a good idea, is that different parts of your lawn may require different amounts of water depending on drainage, soil conditions, and shade, just to name a few. An irrigation system allows you to control the amount and frequency that the different zones get watered.

When should I turn my irrigation on each year?

Turning on your irrigation system for the first time each year will largely depend on the weather in your area and condition of your lawn. Your irrigation system should not be turned on until any threat of frost has passed. Generally, we recommend waiting until after April 15th to turn on your irrigation system.

How to determine the best type of irrigation system for my property?

A Green RX Inc technician will come to your home or commercial property to discuss your irrigation options with you, perform an analysis of your property, and determine the irrigation design necessary for complete irrigation coverage.

How to get rid of weeds in my lawn?

Having a thick, green, and healthy lawn is the best defense against weed growth. A healthy lawn prevents weed growth, because the thick grass root system helps kill weeds before they can grow. A strong root system, developed through proper fertilization and adequate watering, can dramatically limit the frequency and amount of weed development.