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Importance of Fall Lawn Aeration

Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn Giving You Trouble? Punch It!


Soil compaction, which results from heavy lawn use over time, can lead to decreased top growth and overall turf deterioration if steps aren’t taken to correct it.When soil is compacted, the pore spaces that hold oxygen are reduced in size. Roots need this oxygen to grow, and they’re literally starved of it in compacted soil.

The best way to relieve soil compaction is to have your lawn aerated yearly, and fall is a great time to do it. This process uses a machine known as a core aerator to remove cores of soil ½” to ¾” in diameter from your lawn. The holes that are made in your lawn will be anywhere from 1″ to 6″ deep, and the soil cores that are left behind will eventually dissolve back into the turf through rainfall or sprinkling.

Fall core aeration is one of the best things we can do for your lawn, and it will provide your turf with multiple benefits, including:

  • Better rooting
  • Increased flow of water, nutrients and oxygen to the roots
  • Breakdown of the thatch layer, which can become harmful if it gets too thick
  • Prevention of fertilizer and/or pesticide run-off in severely compacted areas

Schedule your lawn aeration today. You, and your lawn, will be glad you did!

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