The lawn surrounding your business helps project a professional, orderly image for your business and brand. It’s easy to see how commercial lawn care can make an impression on your customers; if you take great care of your property then you’ll take great care of your customers too.

You can trust our lawn care specialists to maintain your landscape throughout the year to keep it looking great. From design and planting to maintenance, tree pruning, pest control and irrigation, we keep your property looking professional and inviting.

Weed Control & Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is an essential part of building a strong and healthy lawn. Proper fertilization can give your lawn a thick, lush, and deep green appearance. It also helps crowd out weeds and keeps your property looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

We will help you battle weeds throughout the seasons with both pre-emergent weed control to destroy seeds before they sprout and selective weed control for ones that do enter your turf.

Our commercial lawn fertilization provides your property with the nutrients and care it needs. Weed control will help keep your lawn from being overtaken by unsightly invaders. Our applications are custom formulated to deliver the proper balance of nutrients that your lawn needs throughout the growing season.

Commercial Lawn Care, Weed Control, and Fertilization

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Grub Control

Grub Damage

We offer you preventative grub control measures that can be incorporated into our lawn fertilization schedule. Keep grubs out of your grass all summer long as well as the animals who will dig up your lawn feeding on them.

Lawn grubs can destroy your turf from beneath the surface before you even realize they have invaded your lawns. They also attract animals such as skunks who will dig holes in your turf to feed on them.

Green RX provides you the preventative methods to alleviate the turf damage that these underground insects can cause and keep your property looking lush and beautiful.

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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Lawn core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of grass and soil from the ground with a specialized machine. This helps allow oxygen, fertilizers, and water to penetrate deeper into the root system, making it stronger and more resistant to weeds and diseases.

Aeration also helps cure heavily compacted soil, which prevents circulation of air, water, and nutrients in your soil. It helps prevent lawn thatch that keeps nutrients from reaching your lawn and can make your lawn more susceptible to disease.

Combining aeration with overseeding (reseeding) of your lawn keeps your turf and roots healthy and ensures any bare patches are reseeded to help fill spots and crowd out weeds and give you the healthiest looking lawn.

Lawn Core Aeration

Mowing & Edging

Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

Our professional lawn mowing service will keep your turf well maintained and edges neatly trimmed.

Commercial mowing is performed with care and precision to provide you with a professional looking property.

Edging keeps your grass and garden beds clean, precise, and sharp.

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